How is Next Building System Faster?

NEXT building system requires less tradesman-ship, minimising opportunity cost and problems encounter during the transitional period between different tradesman-ship. All structural walls and roofs are made to order so they are ready for immediate assembling. Therefore, material wastage and cleaning is at its minimal. 

Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Eligibility

Your house is eligible for the 90 Day Build Time Guarantee (Guarantee) if the proposed house fulfills the following conditions:

  • The house is one of our standard designs;

  • The house is in the Perth metropolitan area;

  • The house is a single story house;

  • The house is not a split level house;

  • The house does not require retaining walls;

Terms of the Guarantee

If your house is eligible for the Guarantee, then Next Home Group will guarantee to complete the construction of your house within ninety (90) days of commencing its construction (as described below) (Guaranteed Build Time).

90 Day Guarantee commences on the day the slab of the house is poured and concludes on the day when the roof is up.

90 Days refer to working days and excludes weekends, public holidays and Christmas shutdown period. 

Effect of Breach of the Guarantee

If the Guarantee is not met, Next Home Group will pay you $400 for each complete week from the expiration of the Guaranteed Build Time until the day construction of the house concludes.


Such payment will be the full extent of Next Home Group Pty Ltd's liability to you for failing to meet the Guarantee.

The payment will take the form of a deduction from the final progress payment required to effect formal handover of the house.

* Available for all contracts signed from 1st Jan 2021.

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